Hirzel Canning Company feeds people.  

Through Quality Food, Innovation, Stewardship of Resources, and Resourcefulness.

This family conviction endures.



Hirzel Canning Company, producers of Dei Fratelli products, was founded in 1923 by Carl R. Hirzel. Today, nearly a century later, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations of the Hirzel family carry on the family legacy.


Our commitment to future generations is embedded in our daily lives and is shared by our family of employees.  We recognize that we must earn your trust for you to choose Dei Fratelli products to feed your family.


Our company values integrity in our approach with everything we touch.  We place an extremely high value on our ability and necessity to innovate. We are driven to create new products and new processes so we can deliver the best tasting quality food products.


Hirzel Canning Company has been firmly planted in the Northwest Ohio community since the beginning.  We adhere to our principles as an organization to ensure we are worthy of the confidence and trust of those with whom we conduct business.



The Dei Fratelli brand is committed to the highest standard of food safety and quality.  Our high temperature, short cook time procedure ensures delicious, safe, and shelf-stable products. In addition, our raw product handling, selection, and traceability allows us to maintain the purity, safety, quality, and flavor of our entire food process from seed to package.  This process remains the absolute highest priority within our family business.


Our tomatoes are grown from selected seed varieties that are germinated and cared for in our greenhouses until they are ready to be ripened by the warm summer sun.  Dei Fratelli works with over 30 family growers in close proximity to one of our three packing facilities to ensure the freshest tomatoes possible. We adapt to both the changing world and effectively utilize existing resources toward their most efficient use to serve our customers, our stakeholders, and community.


Dei Fratelli products are carefully inspected throughout the planting, harvesting, and packaging processes – it’s a family tradition and a standard that will remain a high priority for generations to come.  You can trust us to bring the best products to your table – from our family to yours. We carefully conduct, supervise and manage our assets and resources for the betterment of our community and our world.